Zeweil Prize June 2018

From: Tuesday, 10 April, 2018   To: Wednesday, 16 May, 2018

Objective of the Prize:

Ahmed H. Zewail, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in chemistry, has established this prize at AUC to recognize honors graduates whose academic accomplishments demonstrate a strong commitment to scientific  inquiry and the affirmation of human values. The prize is intended to reflect Zewails's belief that Egypt's future development is based on:
  • Progress in the physical, biological and social sciences
  • Development of world-class technologies
  • A deeper understanding of the relationship between science, technology and society

  • Applicants must be AUC students in their final semester of undergraduate study.

  • Applicants must achieve an overall grade point average (GPA) at the honors level (3.4) as determined in the term preceding the semester of graduation.

Selection Criteria:

  • A 1,500-2,000 word essay on a science and humanities topic. The selection panel of faculty will judge the essay on its quality of thought, expression, originality, and multidisciplinary sophistication. Applicants may submit one of the following two essays:

  1. An original essay on any science and humanities topic that transcends the rigid boundaries of traditional academic disciplines and reflects a multidisciplinary perspective on a chosen topic.

  2. An original essay on a topic drawn from within the applicant's own area of specialization that explores new ideas and possibilities, and reflects the applicant's own work and intellectual interest. 

  • Participation and contributions, within the context of AUC's extra and co-curricular opportunities, that further demonstrate passion for and commitment to the ideals embodied in the stated objectives of the Ahmed Zewail Prize.

  • All submissions should be properly sourced and cited and accompanied by a works cited page.

  • All submissions will be run through turnitin.com 

It is both appropriate and essential that the candidate reflects the breadth and depth of AUC's academic reach and rich diversity of perspectives. Consistent with this goal, the widest possible participation by AUC students in all schools is welcomed and encouraged.